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China Entrepreneur + The 2nd Annual Cleantech Investor Panel + Cleantech Thursdays
Date and time
2009-03-25, 5.30 PM
BEIJING: Beijing Kerry Centre Hotel, Kowloon Room, 4th Floor
Dear CE Friends

The world is changing as businesses focus on cost cutting, productivity improvements, and planning adjustments to target and serve key customers. Governments globally are offering unprecedented policy and monetary incentives to maintain growth and employment, and to support clean technology investments that develop markets for products and solutions that utilize energy, water and resources more efficiently while reducing harmful emissions and waste streams.

In this economic environment, CE returns to the topic of clean technologies and clean energy to provide an insightful snapshot on market dynamics, investment strategies and technology developments that can guide entrepreneurs to successfully enter and develop in this industry.

This March 25th, in cooperation with Cleantech Group and Cleantech Thursdays, we present our 2nd Annual Cleantech Panel that will look in depth at the industry that some claim is not sustainable; while others proclaim as the one industry that you must invest in. Timely questions which we will discuss include:

- How can clean technology entrepreneurs in China access the capital and domain knowhow they need to grow and commercialize?
- What are cleantech investors in China and their portfolio companies doing differently to manage development and expansion through this downturn?
- What cleantech segments and technology developments are receiving most interest in 2009?

In 2008, US$1.1 billion of venture capital was invested in China cleantech companies, up from US$110 million in 2005. With the tremendous growth in this space, many entrepreneurs are launching start ups to target the numerous opportunities in cleantech. In the current economic climate, many of these entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to fashion a viable business model to attract the capital and talent needed to effectively develop and sell into their target segments.

Experienced China cleantech and clean energy investors and entrepreneurs will discuss what start ups can do to get over the bumps in the road that every company in this industry faces. Join us on the 24th of March, as we discuss how to get past “go” and onto the path to success for clean technology companies.


President, Founder
China Entrepreneurs

Dr. Alex Westlake, Director, ClearWorld Now
Don Ye, Managing Director, Tsing Capital (tbc)
Andre Loesekrug-Pietri, Managing Director, CEL Partners
Other speakers will be announced shortly

Jim Mahoney, Managing Director of China, Cleantech Group

Please RSVP to Reserve Your Place
Before March 24th, email to events@ce-online.cn, or call to (010) 6569 1321, or fax to (010) 6569 1933
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