Beijing event: CE Start Up 101 "Leadership Development for Fast Growing Companies"

This page illustrates all details about the networking event "CE Start Up 101 "Leadership Development for Fast Growing Companies"" in Beijing. If you are interested, you can apply via the web link at the bottom of this page.

Beijing Event detail

China Entrepreneurs
Date and time
2009-05-12, 5.00 PM
BEIJING: Beijing Kerry Centre Hotel, Kowloon Room, 4th Floor. Tel: +86 10 6569 1321
This event will feature two panel discussions on the development of leadership skills for CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders of companies facing growth challenges. Our experts will give in-depth look into the fundamental leadership skills you need to lead your staff toward building a successful company and overcoming the increasing challenges posed by a company’s rapid expansion. This two panel event will include: in-depth case study analysis, strategic development plan, effective tips for management, and practical skills that you need to carry out your company’s vision and mission.

Panel 1- Strategic Leadership Development
As your company exponentially grows, your role and responsibilities as the CEO will inevitably transform and the expectations from investors and stakeholders will become increasingly high. In order to overcome the challenges of a growing company, you must be prepared and equipped with the best practices of planning out a strategic roadmap for your leadership development. Our panel of leading business professionals will give an in-depth case analysis of both successful and unsuccessful companies and provide you with the skills you need to push your company toward the realization of its objectives and build a successful company.

Panel 2 - How to Manage Your Board and Investors -- In Good Times and Bad Times
Many CEOs of start-ups and growth stage companies in China have achieved initial success through determination and perseverance. They have grown accustomed to self reliance and making difficult decisions without seeking consultation. Therefore, the transition to running a company with professional investors, such as seasoned private equity and venture capital investors, proves difficult, and CEOs that fail to effectively communicate with and "manage" their new board members and investors often find that their companies’ growth stagnate. This panel of leading investors, entrepreneurs and professional advisors will give an in-depth discussion on how entrepreneurs can get the most out of their boards to make their companies more successful.


Eric L. Schmidt
Chairman, President
China Entrepreneurs

ph: +86 10 6569 1321
fax: +86 10 6569 1933

Topic: Leadership Development for Fast Growing Companies
Date: May 12, 2009
Time: 5.00pm to 10.00pm
Location: Kerry Centre hotel, 4th floor
Price: 200 RMB for preregistration or 300 RMB at the door
Language: English

Please RSVP NOW to Reserve Your Place
Before May 11th please email to events@ce-online.cn with following information: Last Name, First Name, Company, Title, Email and Phone. Call (010) 6569 1321, or fax (010) 6569 1933

5:00pm – 6:00pm Registration and Networking
6:00pm - 7:00pm Session 1- Strategic Leadership Development
7:00pm - 7:15pm Networking
7:15pm- 8:00pm Session 2- How to Manage Your Board and Investors: In good Times and Bad
8:00pm-10:00pm Networking
Official link

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