Shanghai event: Zhu Jia Jiao Water Town Day Trip

This page illustrates all details about the networking event "Zhu Jia Jiao Water Town Day Trip" in Shanghai. If you are interested, you can apply via the web link at the bottom of this page.

Shanghai Event detail

FC Club
Date and time
2009-08-01, 8.30 AM
SHANGHAI: Shanghai Exhibition Center (1333 Nanjing Road West near Tongren Road 南京西路1333号) - opposite of the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel
Join us on August 1 (Sat.) for One Day Trip to Zhu Jia Jiao Water Town.

Forget the hustle and bustle of an urban Shanghai Day Relax, unwind and have some fun the FC Club way.

We are going to Zhu Jia Jiao to enjoy a relaxing day on August 1 Sat. - Culture, sightseeing & networking in one day.

Cost: RMB190 per person including round trip transportation to Zhu Jia Jiao, entry fee of 4 attractions, boat trip, countryside lunch, travel agency liability insurance and tour guide.

Advance registration is essential since space is limited and please confirm your RSVP before July 28 at 5pm.

To register please e-mail us at tourshanghai@fcclub.com and provide the following information for each person:

Name + Surname:
Company name:
Work Title:
Mobile phone:

You have following ways to deliver the payment:

1. Pay at FC Shanghai Events on July 16 at Ke Center between 7:30pm to 10:30pm or July 23 at Hotel Equatorial 4F between 7:30pm to 10:30pm.
2. Deliver by courier and get the confirmation letter, please call us in advance.

If space is available then non- registered people may join at 250RMB/person.

Detail schedule:
8:30 —— We will meet at Shanghai Exhibition Center (1333 Nanjing Road West near Tongren Road 南京西路1333号) opposite of the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel
9:00——We will leave for Zhu Jia Jiao
10:00——Arrive at Zhu Jia Jiao. Bring your camera as it is nice place to take photos.
10:00 —— Lead by tour guide, we will visit Great Qing Post Office, Tong Tian Medical store and Yuan Jing Buddhist Temple, then take boat trip to Ke Zhi Garden
12:00——lunch, countryside food at Gu Qiao Can Ge restaurant
13:30——self-help time;
16:00——it is the end of excursion, and go back to Shanghai.

Contact person: Linda at 134 7275 7996 or Sunny at 1376 4707 773

About Zhu Jia Jiao

Located in a suburb of Shanghai city, Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town well-known throughout the country, with a history of more than 1700 years. Covering an area of 47 square kilometers, the little fan-shaped town glimmers like a bright pearl in the landscape of lakes and mountains.

Endowed with another elegant name - 'Pearl Stream' - the little town is the best-preserved among the four ancient towns in Shanghai. Unique old bridges across bubbling streams, small rivers shaded by willow trees, and houses with courtyards attached all transport people who have been living amidst the bustle and hustle of the modern big city to a brand-new world full of antiquity, leisure and tranquility.
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