Beijing event: Young Professional Event: Cross Cultural Communication

This page illustrates all details about the networking event "Young Professional Event: Cross Cultural Communication" in Beijing. If you are interested, you can apply via the web link at the bottom of this page.

Beijing Event detail

BenCham - Benelux Chamber of Commerce
Date and time
2009-10-27, 6.30 PM
BEIJING: Chaoyang district, Beijing (The venue details will be confirmed in the confirmation mail)
The Benelux Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with NANC
is pleased to invite you to a Young Professional event
on Tuesday October 27th 2009 on the topic:

“Cross cultural communication”

In today’s world, the rapid development of communication technology brings us closer than ever. Nevertheless, misunderstandings among people remain. As human beings, we all wear colored lenses in interacting with each other. That is, we filter others’ verbal and non verbal messages through our culture and educational backgrounds, life experiences, family culture, etc. In addition, human beings are sense making animals, that is, we constantly interpret and evaluate things we observe through using our cultural and individual framework of reference.

Communication becomes an even more daunting task as in interacting with colleagues across national and cultural boundaries, the challenge is to find the right mix of modes and styles of communication: how you pose ideas, how you ask and answer questions and give feedbacks. Different styles in communication can create mis-communication and lead to lower levels of trust. The same applies to leadership and teamwork: recognising and adopting different styles of leadership and leadership values, accepting different modes of working together in teams: the challenge is to find the right approach that motivates people in different cultures, gets their buy-in and leads to results.

The following topics will be covered in the presentation:

l Filters and misunderstandings in cross cultural communication

l D.I.E theory and its application in cross cultural communication

l How to use feedbacks to reduce misunderstandings

l Major dimensions in cultural differences

Joanna Zhang – Senior Trainer, Schouten China

Dr. Joanna Zhang is a devoted trainer and consultant with a focused interest in personal effectiveness, specifically soft skills, and organizational behaviours, such as teambuilding, leadership, and cross cultural communication. Her trainings have been very well received by the clients she served mainly due to her accumulation of knowledge and practical experiences in related areas over the past ten years as well as her unique way of training, i.e., the Schouten & Nelissen way—the experiential way of training. Her clients include participants from national organizations, private firms, as well as multinational companies. The unique combination of eastern and western culture makes her extremely popular among Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Zhang holds a Ph.D in Organizational Communication from Texas A&M University and a MA in Speech Communication from the Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Zhang is an experienced instructor and trainer. She lived in the U.S. for nearly ten years and has taught in several American universities, including Texas A&M University, University of Maryland, and Temple University.
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