Shanghai event: Talent Management Cycle: Employee Engagement

This page illustrates all details about the networking event "Talent Management Cycle: Employee Engagement" in Shanghai. If you are interested, you can apply via the web link at the bottom of this page.

Shanghai Event detail

BritCham - British Chamber of Commerce in China
Date and time
2010-03-25, 6.30 PM
SHANGHAI: The Executive Centre, 20/F, No. 989 Changle Lu. Tel: 5116 6888
Human Resources & Training Focus Group Presents:
Talent Management Cycle:
Session Six - Employee Engagement

This event will appeal to CEOs, GMs and HR professionals especially those involved in employee recruitment and staff retention. How do you get your employees' hearts and minds and create a better business? Our speaker will describe strategies, initiatives and mistakes that have been made in trying to create a winning team at Jaguar Land Rover in China and beyond.

What is Talent Management Cycle?
The Talent Management Cycle is a bi-monthly members-only discussion forum created to enable executives to exchange views on the best practice of Talent Management. Nowadays, talent is harder to find, train, retain than ever before thus we would like to go through the cycle session by session.

How does Talent Management Cycle work?
Panelists will be invited to give their insight into the latest trends, challenges and solutions facing their specific industry sector. There will be no presentations to encourage an active dialogue between speaker and audience. Through dialogue we hope that members not only exchange crucial market information in an enjoyable and relaxed environment, but gain new perspectives and problem solve. We also encourage participants to submit any questions, challenges or stories for discussion prior to the event. If you have a particular topic you would like to discuss at a forum in the future please email your suggestions to: angela.lock@sha.britcham.org

Speaker's biography:
Graham Thompsett, HR Manager, Jaguar Land Rover
Trained as a teacher but never formally got into a classroom, Graham joined the insurance industry working for a small company called Endsleigh, where he held down various PR and HR roles eventually becoming a Recruitment Manager. After that, Graham joined TMP Worldwide at the time of the first internet bubble where he ran an Agency of 50 people and 20 Million pounds turnover. After three years Graham joined Jaguar Land Rover who had been recently acquired by Ford and was their Head of Resourcing working with Volvo, Aston Martin and Ford on a pan European basis. He was then seconded to Ford where he became CEO of their outsourced training company and turned a loss making venture into a profitable business that was sold to the London Development Agency. After that he was sent to Nanjing China to set up Ford's Research & Engineering Centre where they grew from 40 to 400 in two years, sourced over $1 Billion of car parts and won CCTV Employer of the Year. Graham moved to JLR as the overseas HR Manager with responsibility for China, Japan, Korea, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, MENA and Russia.

Event Running Order:
6:30 - 7:00pm Registration and Refreshments
7:00 - 7:30pm Presentation
7:30 - 8:30pm Group discussion
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