Nanjing event: Soft Skills Programme on motivation

This page illustrates all details about the networking event "Soft Skills Programme on motivation" in Nanjing. If you are interested, you can apply via the web link at the bottom of this page.

Nanjing Event detail

EUCCC - European Chamber of Commerce in China
Date and time
2010-07-23, 3.30 PM
NANJING: Sofitel Galaxy 8th floor, Sofitel Galaxy, No. 9 Shanxi Road, Nanjing
Increase your impact in motivating your employees!

Working in an increasingly demanding and competitive business environment requires an empowered work force. The five sessions of this programme help team leaders increase their impact in interpersonal interactions by enhancing their awareness of underlying mechanisms.

This programme is recommended for team leaders in middle management positions who are interested in improving their competencies in interpersonal interactions and is especially suited for managers who are willing to go beyond performance founded on fact-based knowledge.

The programme enables participants to enhance their soft skills competencies by:
- Acquiring basic knowledge of relevant theorectical models
- Building awareness of underlying mechanisms
- Understanding their management style

Topic of Session
In times of increasing efficiency and output pressure, employees are assigned more tasks. In this business environment it seems that motivation is one of the keys to achieve better results in less time. The knowledge of underlying motivation mechanisms allows managers to cope with challenging situations. Motivated employees are the basis for successful implementation of change processes such as the introduction of new work procedures.Prioritisation enables furthermore a better handling of daily tasks.

Moderator Profile
Patricia Enzmann, General Manager EUCCC, biography

From 3.30pm-7pm, 23rd July, 2010

8th floor, Sofitel Galaxy, No. 9 Shanxi Road, Nanjing

English with Chinese translation

The price of a single ticket is RMB 540 for members and non-members. The fee includes tuition, translation, course material and provisions.

Please register for the package or a session via email to Ms Zhang Le at nanjing@euccc.com.cn. Application deadline is 20th July, 2010.
Official link

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