Beijing event: International Business Etiquette

This page illustrates all details about the networking event "International Business Etiquette" in Beijing. If you are interested, you can apply via the web link at the bottom of this page.

Beijing Event detail

Benelux Chamber + French Chamber + Swiss Chamber + Spanish Chamber
Date and time
2011-04-22, 2.00 PM
BEIJING: CCIFC Beijing, Conference Room Office Unit C512, Floor 5th, Office and Apartment Building Beijing Lufthansa Center No. 50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District Beijing 100125
The Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China, the French Chamber of Commerce, Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Spanish Chamber of Commerce are delighted to invite you to a Training on April 22 2011:

International Business Etiquette

Enhance your company's corporate image
Give your Chinese team the keys to feel more confident in an international environment

To your key audiences, your employees are your organisation. It is the reason why the image they project is so important.

Manners have a direct impact on one's image. Each culture has its own social and business codes, so in today's increasingly global society, the chances of saying or doing the wrong thing are greater than ever before, as well as the chances of misunderstanding someone else's behaviour.

After this training session, participants won't be embarrassed any more by not knowing how to act in international situations. The training will give them the keys to make a positive, professional impression, minimize language barriers, create relationships with ease and accelerate success in the international business arena.

Your Chinese teams will learn international etiquette and intercultural communication skills - immediately applicable on trips outside China, in meetings and during day-to-day business life in China with foreign clients, partners or colleagues.

- Master the new codes of contemporary international behaviour
- Make a positive and lasting impression of yourself and your company every time and everywhere
- Avoid major business and social blunders
- Better interpret foreign audiences
- Feel at ease, confident and be more efficient in an international environment
- Network with efficiency

- Every Chinese person who regularly/occasionally works with foreign people (partners, clients, colleagues)
- Employees who go on business trips overseas
- Employees who have relations with Head office
- Executives
- Managers
- Public relations staff
- Business men and women seeking to enhance their ''professional presence''

- General introduction about cross-cultural communication and international manners
- Succeed in the first meeting : Handshakes, introducing people, business card protocol, Elevator Pitch
- Meetings - How to impress and introduce a project with added value
- Gift giving protocol
- Conversation skills inside the company and outside
- Be the perfect guest during a business trip abroad
- Welcome foreign guests in China - Answer Western guests' expectations
- Western cocktail - Organize it or participate and mingle with efficiency
- Techno etiquette - The Do's and Don'ts with cell phone, voice mail and email
- Look your best - Body language, Dress codes

- The course is based on a practical approach, with down-to-earth tools and tips.
- It is illustrated with examples from several countries. It focuses on countries with which participants work.
- Interactivity between trainer and participants is present at all times.

To adapt the training session to participants' specific needs, a questionnaire will be sent to them and must be answered five days before the session.
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