Matchdragon Enterprise Edition

Matchdragon.com will soon be available in a powerful corporate version: a private and secured environment to manage internal position openings, job descriptions and candidates.

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If you are a head hunter, a corporate HR department or a part of the Chinese human resource market, then resumés and job offers are your core data, and you must keep them secure. We consider the collaboration with professionals of HR as a key factor, and we are developing a corporate recruiting software which will lie beside the public website.

In this environment, which will be solely dedicated to each business, each client will be able to manage a private database of resumés and position openings, while leveraging the power of Matchdragon© engine.

Business clients will access the public database as well, together with all of the public site functionalities, from within their private interface. Plus, they will be able to use a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring candidate applications and tracking statistical information about the popularity of their job postings.

Matchdragon Enterprise Edition doesn't aim to substitute existing internal HR management systems. A set of APIs will be available for connecting each client's system to Matchdragon, in order to join the power of our engine with the current business practices and tools.

Matchdragon Enterprise Edition will come in two configurations, depending on the client deployment preferences:

  • Hosted: we will setup a third-level domain, such as your_corporate.matchdragon.com, which will point to a dedicated instance of the application. While the database remains hosted in the Matchdragon farm, we guarantee all data to be kept private.
  • In house: we will install a Matchdragon instance in your local intranet, behind your corporate firewall. The database will then be physically separated by the public internet, as secure as your LAN. The application will call Matchdragon's APIs via a secure connection, in order to extract matches: no private data will transit on the internet.

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