Matchdragon Partner Edition

Matchdragon.com is now available in a brand new version for partners, that is, local organizations or online portals willing to leverage its exclusive matching engine to manage their Chinese job postings and job applications.

Want to get in touch with Matchdragon team?

(0086) 010 84477066

Don't hesitate to contact our Beijing office. Monday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 18.30

Please input the alphanumeric code shown aside *

Why is it convenient for everyone? Matchdragon increments its users (that is, the chance to train its artificial brain on more data)... and you get the chance to provide a top quality job match engine to your web users, free of charge and in a graphic interface compliant with your corporate identity.

Matchdragon Partner Edition allows you to provide Matchdragon's functionalities to your visitors, through a user interface customized with your logo and corporate colors/fonts.

The partnership program is simple:

  • A dedicated web page on the partner website shall contain a link with explicit announcement of the cooperation with Matchdragon.
  • Such link leads to a pop-up page or frameset containing the customized version of Matchdragon: your logo will completely replace Matchdragon's, and fonts and colors will be personalized as well.
  • Your website's users will be able to decide whether to browse only the jobs/resumés belonging to your website or ALL jobs/resumés in Matchdragon's archive; on the other hand, the jobs/resumés inserted through your website will be accessible on Matchdragon.com as well.
  • Matchdragon Partner Edition includes continuous, unlimited free upgrades in the functionalities, as soon as they are released. We will also give priority to our partners' requests for changes/upgrades in the software.
  • A direct link to your website will be placed on Matchdragon's partner page, together with your logo and corporate description.

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