Job match software: how it works

Matchdragon.com is a web application based on the Matchdragon© engine, which allows discovering semantic correlation among “pieces of content” (documents and/or user profiles).

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Matchdragon© engine

Matchdragon© (formerly EGGmatch©, or the wise dragon as our team calls it :-) is the next generation matching engine developed by EGGsist. It embeds several technologies and models derived from the domains of Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Graph Theory applied to Social Network Analysis, Behavior Emergence and Reverse Indexing. The engine associates fluid tags to content as the nodes of a virtual network, and lets proximity relations emerge, based on the interactions among users and documents.

By analyzing relationships and estimating affinity, Matchdragon© can support a wide range of “2.0” applications, including tailored 1-to-1 advertising, soul matching, HR matching, social gaming, and any other service where data integration and inferential matching play a crucial role.

The engine in action!

In Matchdragon.com, our engine collects both structured and full-text information. Structured information basically consists in a set of fields with a pre-defined set of values, which every user can pick up to define her/himself or what she/he needs (for example, “study degree”, “work experience”, etc.). Full-text information is rather a free text input by either employers or job seekers (such as “job description” or “resumé summary”, or the resumé pdf file to be uploaded by job seekers).

The wise dragon analyses both types of information and evaluates them by “digesting” each job offer/resumé and then, when interrogated by a user, it compares the whole user profile (both structured and full-text information) with all available jobs/resumés, and calculates an accurate match rate for each of them.

Being the engine based on the concept of context and proximity, it is able to point out not only “perfect matches” (i.e. the same skill or expression appearing in both a job offer and a resumé) but also “close” matches (by ponderating the meaning of certain pieces of information instead of their spelling). Thanks to the very nature of its underlying technologies, the accuracy of the auto-match improves over time while the amount of information known by the system grows.

Long story short, it works like a very advanced search engine, except that it doesn't require you to make any search, as it considerates the whole resumé/job offer profile for you, instead of responding to few “keywords”.

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