Introduction to Matchdragon

Matchdragon is the pioneering IT solution for professionals aiming at a
successful career in China and for employers offering jobs in China.

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Based on artificial intelligence algorithms, Matchdragon provides internet users with a powerful tool for matching job offers and applicants' profiles automatically.

Matchdragon's engine analyses both job offers and resumés to provide accurate suggestions on the ideal candidates for every job, as well as the ideal jobs for every candidate.

Why does Matchdragon make the difference?

  1. Matchdragon is REVOLUTIONARY! Don't do any searching, Stop wasting hours screening irrelevant resumés/jobs! Matchdragon overturns the traditional approach to the market of Human Resources: it will suggest you the ideal candidates/jobs, sparing a relevant amount of your time and providing you with exactly what you need.

    All you have to do is upload your job offer/resumé. Matchdragon will tell you your best matches!
  2. Matchdragon is VERSATILE! Although the real innovation of Matchdragon is its auto-match feature, it also provides an advanced free search engine which enables locating job offers and job seekers according to specific search criteria.
  3. Matchdragon is ACCURATE! Matchdragon is the only job platform based on skill analysis: it will calculate the best match for you by considering not only "standard" requirements (study degree, years of experience, etc.) but also the precise map of skills that you require/possess.

...and then, Matchdragon is FREE! Job seekers will always be able to use the system for free, and employers can enjoy the service without charge until January 31, 2008!

It actually works! Do you want to see it with your own eyes?
Try now Matchdragon's 3 steps auto-match:

Matchdragon's 3 step auto-match

  • Register online, it's free for everyone!
  • If you are an employer, insert a job offer.
    If you are a job seeker, insert a resumé.
  • Visit your auto-match page and directly get Matchdragon's intelligent suggestions on the best candidates/jobs for you!

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