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Matchdragon is constantly being upgraded.
We are continuosly improving our service by following the most precious driver, our users' feedback

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What's new in version 3

  • New look & feel. We did it again! The new site look, while being a masterpiece of design :) is designed to respond to all your requests!
  • Video introductions: it is now possible for jobseekers to record a video introduction and associate it with their resumé, to narrow the distance between employers and candidates.
  • Employer stats: a powerful tool for employers, to finely control their job offers' effectiveness by monitoring relevant indicators via an easy-to-use console.
  • A new engine under the hood: you'll find the matching even more precise!
  • ..and several cosmetic changes aimed at improving your user experience (on messaging system, matching result listing, search results, photo/logo cropping and resizing, etc.)
What we added in version 2
  • Completely redesigned user interface: radical improvements of usability with workflow refining and context-related tips.
  • Skill auto-detect: Matchdragon now supports the laziest users by detecting their skills automatically.
    Please remind that manual skill selection is recommended anyway!
  • mRank: our intelligent engine can now provide a very interesting feature for employers: an immediate evaluation of every resumé's quality and accuracy.
  • Chinese version: matchdragon is available in Chinese, on www.pipeijob.com.
  • Refining matching algorithm: the artificial intelligence engine has been improved with self-training capabilities.
  • Newsletter: it is possible for job seekers to subscribe to a fully customized newsletter (regarding message frequency and content).
What we added in version 1
  • Multi-industry match: implemented support for multiple industry management. Three new areas of industry have been added, with a plan to add more over time (which we do continuously!).
  • Messaging: it is possible, for both employers and job seekers to send and receive inquiries to other users directly on Matchdragon platform.
  • Required skills: employers can distinguish skills which are strictly required for matching purposes.
  • Favorite tag: both employers and job seekers can mark a set of favorites matching profiles (resumés and job offers) and add a comment to identify each of them.

2007-10-19: Matchdragon beta online (Software / IT industry only)

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