my job offers

After you sign-up, this box will display the list of your job offers and will allow you to insert a new job offer or edit an existing one.

Active search

Although the Matchdragon's core functionality is auto-match, you can also perform active searches according to your favorite search keys. Both a simple and an advanced forms are available but, in order to use the advanced engine, user registration is required.

Please note: in order to enjoy Matchdragon's auto-match, you have to insert at least one job offer.
You can do it in your Profile page.


Simple search allows you to find resumés, job offers or employers according to any word (or group of words) that identifies them, as part of their characteristics (name, location, skills, etc.). You can try it for free!

Advanced search gives you the possibility to define your search criteria more precisely. You can decide how many fields to fill-in. Of course, the more parameters you will define, the more selective the search will be. Viceversa, by defining a small number of search parameters, you will obtain a wider pool of results.

You need to log-in in order to access the advanced search.