Pricing for employers
Why so convenient?!

Stop paying for nothing. Enjoy the freedom of deciding where to spend your HR budget.

Matchdragon is based on an innovative credit system which allows employers to avoid expensive "flat-rate plans" by paying only for the actions that they are willing to take.

And, on Matchdragon, job posting is free!

Why shouldn't employers pay for placing a job offer?

Just because we understand that publishing a job ad in China wouldn't be enough to ensure that they actually find interesting profiles!

Matchdragon's recognized strength is the efficiency of its matching engine: what makes Matchdragon unique is its capability to provide employers with the right candidates in a very short time: by considering the overall profile of both job seekers and job offers, Matchdragon spots only a few matches for each user, but very accurate ones.

And the engine efficiency is such that we can base our revenues on the actual contacts between employers and job seekers. Just input your job offer: Matchdragon will certainly recommend to you a bunch of professionals that are very well fitting your position!

Getting in touch with the right candidates has an undeniable value, and this is the only thing that employers shall pay for... when they decide to!

Please register online to learn more about Matchdragon's fees and credit usage. You will get the first 20 credits free of charge!

Important! As a Launch Promotion, employers can recharge their account for as little as $0.3 per credit (about 2 RMB)!

Thanks to Matchdragon's partnership with PayPal PayPal, you can now buy credits both via credit card (online payment for safest and fastest transactions) and via wire transfer (in this case please call +86 010 84477066).

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