The best solution for recruitment in China.

Thanks to its engine based on artificial intelligence, Matchdragon provides the most efficient solution for recruitment in China.

An example? Place a job ad in China and you'll get extremely precise recommendations on the 10 most suitable candidates for your job position... within 10 seconds!

Matchdragon has one of the richest databases of English speaking job seekers in China, which makes it the ideal solution for Chinese companies open to international business and for foreign companies in China.

The reason for Matchdragon's efficiency is simple: its engine is able to analyze your whole job profile, instead of reacting to a narrow set of explicit search keys.

As a consequence, it returns only those jobs seekers in China who are matching all of your job requirements... and it serves them to you sorted by "overall match rate", which is "measured" and presented as a percentage (for example, you will see candidates "90% matching" your overall job position, or 80%, or 70%...).

The engine is based on text analysis and pattern emergence. It's an innovative approach, known as Meaning Based Computing (MBC), which had no previous application in the HR domain and takes recruitment in China to a whole new level.

Just in case you're not completely satisfied with our unique auto-match functionality, you can still manually search for job seekers in China, according to the standard web approach. Matchdragon provides a free job search engine with a very articulated set of search options.

And so far it's all free!
You can place a job ad in China, find the ideal candidates for your job positions, be contacted by your best-matching job seekers... without paying a penny. The only thing you will pay for, is contacting those jobseekers that are interesting to you, upon accurate consideration of their profile.

As explained in our Pricing page, we can afford this because Matchdragon IS a surprisingly accurate job matcher, and you will definitely find the right candidates for your recruiting needs in China.

Check it out now! Sign-up for a free account and place your job offer in China. Then... just wait 10 seconds ad get your ideal matches ;-)

Sign-up now and get 20 credits for free!

Important! As a Launch Promotion, employers can recharge their account for as little as $0.3 per credit (about 2 RMB)!

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