Find the best job opportunities in China,
without searching!

Are you looking for job opportunities in China? Can you speak English?
If so, Matchdragon is probably the right Chinese job platform for you.

Matchdragon has one of the richest databases of job offers for English-speaking professionals in China (both Chinese and foreigners), from both local and international employers.

Completely free for job seekers, Matchdragon will get the best jobs in China for you in a blink of an eye!

Matchdragon is the first and only job platform where you can find the ideal job opportunities in China without searching!

Its artificial intelligence engine lets "meaning patterns" freely emerge from all resumés and job offers in China, and then compares such patterns in order to find the best matches for each user (job seeker or employer). The result is surprisingly accurate, as the "matches" are related to your overall jobseeker profile, rather than to a set of few search keys input manually.

All you have to do is upload your resumé (in English or Chinese), and then wait for Matchdragon to spit out your ideal matches, that is, the Chinese jobs that match your profile best.

You can also input more than one resumé, if your professional profile suits more than one industry (for example, both English Teacher and Sales Expert): Matchdragon will elaborate two separate lists of matching jobs in China, one for each of your resumés.

And, just in case you're not completely satisfied with the auto-match results, you can still manually search for the best jobs in China for you. Our free job search engine features a lot of options to customize your search criteria.

The whole service is completely free for job seekers!

If you want to experience Matchdragon's auto-match functionality, sign-up for a free account and upload your resumé. The system will serve you the 10 best matching jobs in China within twenty seconds!

If you are interested in technical details of Matchdragon's engine, please visit our software detail page.

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